Why Donate?


Sarah came to the Samaritan Center suffering from depression and anxiety. She was unemployed and uninsured, and had no resources to cover the services that were so important to her mental health and well-being.

Greg, a combat veteran, came to the Samaritan Center struggling with service related trauma. He was seeking a safe place to heal, but had very limited resources.

Thanks to generous donations, the Samaritan Center is able to provide counseling and integrative medicine services to Sarah and Greg for a small fee.

The Samaritan Center strives to serve everyone, regardless of ability to pay. With more than 1,600 clients a year receiving services, more than 40% fall below 200% of the federal poverty level and cannot afford to pay.

Donations of any size make an enormous difference to the low income and uninsured clients who come to us to seek help, comfort and relief from their struggles.

Interested in changing a life?


A huge thanks to our generous community partners that make our services possible!